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Booming games — explosive emotions and lively gameplay!

Today we are going to tell you about the freshest slots from the provider Booming games. These games got into our hearts and we are sure that you will love them. Each of these three slots is worthy of your attention. Both a novice player and a professional will be able to appreciate them.

And first of all, we will be transported to the world of the Wild West.

Discover Bang Bang slot.

In this saloon, no one can feel safe, because everyone was brought here by the thirst for profit. But the sheriff has a couple of spare aces in his pocket. Who will be the fastest and most accurate in this game? It’s up to you to decide!

Visit the vastness of the African savannah and enjoy the variety of wildlife!

The Majestic Safari slot is waiting for you..

Fabulous beauty can bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also tangible profit! You will have to snatch your winnings from the lion’s paws. However, this is much easier than it might seem. Go on an adventure and claim your prize!

Secrets, mysticism and mysterious danger —

these are the ingredients that formed the basis of the recipe for the next slot.

Taste a special potion with Witches Wild Brew!

Who will your companion be? An amazing beauty or a cruel old woman who hides her face behind charms? In this adventure, you can never be sure of what lies around the corner. Friendship with witches can become too close to their own anger. Be careful in your pursuit of magic power!

Three select slots from Booming games are waiting for you at Auroom Casino now. Try each one! We wish you frequent victories and big wins!